Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bedroom Redesign- Part One

At our second house, affectionately referred to as "The Cabin," I've never felt a need to redecorate my bedroom. Since we only go their on the weekends, I have approached it as a hidden room that guests wouldn't see behind closed doors. Instead, I focused on my main bedroom. However, the bland colors and empty spaces became a disappointing greeting to an otherwise relaxing weekend. When I finally settled on a place to start, I chose the main focal point and theme of a bedroom: the bed.

My room is surrounded by greenery and mountains so I am already very pleased with my wall colors. Three of the walls are sky blue, but the white wall framed with wood has a window and brightens up the room with natural light. All in a single trip to Macy's, I picked out a bright coral comforter set with a geometric print, a quilted white sham, and pale blue sheets. Next on the to-do list? Curtains and furniture!

-This bright coral Bar III comforter set with geometric print is a modern update that pops in the shades of blues and white without being too drastic.-

-This quilted Bar III sham ties back to the cozy and vintage feel of the house and the surroundings.-

-These Martha Stewart Collection sheets are lighter than the blue paint, but tie in the pure whites, sky blue, and bright coral.-


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