Friday, May 31, 2013

DRESS WEEK- Lemon Drop

One of my favorite aspects of summer is the popularity of bright colors mixed with white. The combination really makes all of the colors stand out and the entire outfit cheerful. These outfits would be perfect for window-shopping, a lunch date, school, or wherever else you wish to wear them to!Lemon Drop

DRESS WEEK- Minty Fresh

 End of the Year Checklist:
  • Spend quality time with friends and family
  • Keep my 4.0 GPA up
  • Post once or more on CW&CD at least every weekday
  • Get signatures in my yearbook from my peers my friends and teachers

Even though many students have been let out for summer by now, my school has not. Regardless, the days leading up to and the last day of school has always been very special  to me. I may crave the long summer days and the ability to stay up late like most other students, but I love challenging learning opportunities, the presence of engaging teachers, and the time to be with my friends. I know very well that those last day of school will not last forever, but like every other day, you have to enjoy it while it lasts and make the most of it. At least I know my education will stay with me. And, thank you to all my friends, family, and fans for your support and I hope you all have a fantastic summers! Dress Week is during the final week for me and my friends, but can easily apply to any week. Here is day one!

Minty Fresh

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Now that bows have really caught on, it's common to see bow blouses, headbands, and belts. However, the trend that really started the popularity with bows are earrings. Bow earrings are a cute and fun way to dress up an outfit without going over the top. Whatever your budget is, here are some ideas!

Bow Earrings



Personally, I love clutches, wristlets, and crossbody purses. They are very classic and easier to incorporate into an outfit than a large purse. More recently, lucite has become very popular in both the decor and fashion worlds. Now even clutches have a modern, on trend makeover!Thursday

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TOP THREE THURSDAY- Lace Espadrilles

Even though espadrilles can be very casual and androgynous, lace espadrilles are much more feminine! They are perfect for white shorts or skirts and a simple blouse.   
Lace Espadrilles


Shorts: Oscar de la Renta

Especially during the summer, it can be very difficult for me to pull together an outfit with jean shorts. Sure, jean shorts can look effortlessly chic with sandals and a loose tank top, but what if you want more than that? That's where scalloped shorts come in! Scalloped edges are particularly fabulous because they aren't as structured and formal as pleats, but still are feminine and classic. Scalloped shorts generally come in appropriate lengths and various styles, too. Even though they can still be worn with a loose tank top and sandals, peter pan collars are cute accessories that can boost your outfit. The ensembles below with scalloped shorts are the perfect start to trendy summer outfits.
Sweet Scallops

Miss Selfridge Lace Top

Karen Walker Slouchy Sweater

Mango Sleeveless Blouse
$42 -

Mango Knit Shirt

$37 -

MbyM Fitted Blazer
$115 -

Sugarhill Boutique Scalloped Shorts
$61 -

Free People Shorts

Nomad Sequin Shoes

Dune Shoes
$83 -

Dorothy Perkins Lace Necklace

Flower Hair Accessory