Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DRESS WEEK- Black and White

I can't believe it's the final post of Dress Week! For today's look, I decided to do a twist on black and white. Over the past posts, I have put together more casual and feminine outfits. However, for Friday, I decided to create outfits  that are more formal and edgy. When accessorizing black and white, it's common to add add a pop of color with red or blue. Instead, I chose to use green! Along with the green, I added gold jewelry and lip gloss and white nail polish to complete the outfit. These outfits can bring you from day to night because they combine the formal and sophisticated little black dress with the laid-back and summer staple, the little white dress. To wear the look yourself, wrap your hair in a bun for the evening or left down during the day. If you have any feedback or recommendations for a future post, let me know in the comments below!

Black and White


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